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You’ll notice a few things are brand new for this year’s In Pursuit of a Cure campaign. But the most important part of the campaign is the same — you! Read on for a quick update on some exciting changes and what they mean to you in the weeks ahead…

We’ve supercharged In Pursuit of a Cure 2023 with some updates that make it easier for you to:

  • Support FOP research
  • Share videos, social posts and good news
  • Ask questions and get information direct from FOP researchers

Changes for 2023 include:

  • signature campaign video available to watch right NOW instead of a one-hour video to watch at the end of the campaign 
  • A LIVE webinar on August 30 (3 viewing times offered) with leading FOP researchers where you can ask questions and interact in real-time. Live translation in Spanish and AI (artificial intelligence) translation available in 27 languages. Register at ifopa.org/curefop_webinar
  • Brand new videos from members of the worldwide FOP community created for you to share with your family and friends

We still have the match to double the first $25,000 we receive in donations!

There’s no reason to wait if you plan to make a gift  to help advance the next phase of transformational FOP research. The campaign is full speed ahead right now! 

Please join us in the relentless pursuit of a cure today to:

We’re on this path together for as long as it takes. Together, we are Relentless!